How to Make Money With a WordPress Blog

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WordPress is a software that allows people to create a website and blogs. Through the ability to monetize your WordPress blog, you can easily earn cash. Blogging these days is putting big money into people’s pockets. A lot of people are earning full-time incomes from just blogging.

If you don’t know how to make money using a blog, in this article, you will learn the different ways to make money on blogs. But first, for the interest of people who cannot use a WordPress, here is a fast and brief guide on opening a WordPress account.

Using a direct WordPress account:

To start a WordPress account, you can either go directly to Sign up as a user, get your login details, and log in to the admin panel. In the admin panel, you can start blogging about anything at all. Blog about your passion, is it football, cooking, etc. Once you start blogging you will be receiving traffic to your website, this might take as long as 3 to 6 months, and even a year. But if you need faster traffic, start off-page advertising. But the best source of advertising is on-page because you will receive organic traffic directly from search engines like Google.

Hosted WordPress account:

Another way that you can use WordPress is through a web host server like Namecheap, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. These web hosting companies assist you in hosting your blog and they have WordPress integrated into their system. Once you sign up or pay for a hosting service, you can have access to the WordPress software downloadable at the cPanel.

To connect to WordPress, locate your hosting Cpanel, look for WordPress app and click to install. It’s quite easy and very convenient. Once you have installed it, you can start using it for blogging. Should you need more information, a detailed WordPress blogging guide can be found online.

So far, you have learned a brief guide on how to use the blogging software, next is to provide ways that you can make money online bogging.

How to make money online blogging with WordPress:

Creating contents:

If you can put words together nicely, then you can be a content creator. Companies and individuals are looking for writers; they are in high demand. With little or advanced expertise, you can be making as low as $100 today. Yes, it’s that easy to earn money as a writer.

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There is a saying online that content is king. The reason is that people need traffic on their website and one of the major ways to get it is through content marketing. So, as a writer, you are a potential customer generating tool. Indeed, your skill is needed. You don’t have to be scared about the “skilled” requirement, as long as you can write in simple English without grammar errors, you can make money.

Another way you can make money as a writer is when you create content for your consumption. Instead of writing for clients, you will be posting your work on your blog, and other paces to generate traffic.

Blogging is an essential skill and is highly valuable because the conversion rate in content marketing is very high. The reason the conversion rate is high is that you will be perceived as an authority. This means you can easily influence prospects to take action.

Build and monetize blogs:

In the internet space, it’s advised to begin a website or blogging for your business. So, launch your WordPress and start making money today!

If you have a blog, it’s the best step towards generating recurring and passive income. It’s possible to start making money using different sources like affiliate marketing, sponsored reviews, selling advertisements, and so on from your blogging effort. Although it sounds easy, you will need to put in some hours of job which includes writing. If you don’t like writing, you can easily outsource it to an expert.

Many service providers and marketplaces provide programs, e.g are Shareasale, Themeforest, Creative Market, Clickbank, Digistore, etc. Simply sign up for s free account, add links directing to you’re your posts and you are on your way to earning money online.

To start selling advertisements, just offer your ads or another company’s ad like BuySellAds. Also, you can join Google Adsense and embed code on your site or blog to allow Google to supervise ads while you earn cool passive cash via monthly checks.

Offering a sponsored post is another way of making money from blogging. Simply include a contact form or page to your blog so that companies or brands can connect with you to offer payment for reviews, list posts, guides, etc. Be sure to add in your sponsored post contract, that opinions received will be truthful, and don’t forget to add a disclaimer.

Use your website as leverage to advertise other income-earning activities like products, courses, premium services, et.

Ecommerce: Drop servicing and dropshipping:

E-commerce is an excellent money earner any day. It has turned people into millionaires, yes you heard right. If you know what you are doing, you can earn a huge income from this business.

Ecommerce is simply selling products and services online. Like dropshipping which has to do with selling a physical product, you can either sell your product or other people or company’s product. With dropshipping you don’t need to own any product, simply locate a supplier and promote the product.

On the other hand, drop servicing has to do with selling services. A good example is a web design service online. The good thing is, you don’t have to know anything about web designing or development, simply outsource the task to another company.

Dropservising and drop shipping are big money earners that you can operate using your WordPress blog. All you have to do is to blog about your product or services.

It’s possible to make money blogging about anything. If you don’t like writing or blogging, you can hire experts to help you. Blogging is an ideal home business and a perfect money maker.

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