What is web hosting? Which Hosting Is Best For You?

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What is web hosting?

So Let us know 1st what is hosting? What is the meaning of web hosting ?

Web Hosting Is the online web server that stores all the your files, images, videos, data, text, etc. This type of service is called web hosting service, and the organizations providing web hosting service are known as hosting provider. you Need To Pay monthly or Yearly Hosting Fee

After paying a monthly cost to you on their web hosting server by the hosting service provider, a fixed space is provided where you can host your website. your site is based on and on which software (HTML, WordPress) you have to choose the hosting server.

Next in this article, we will know about from where web hosting service we can buy? Which web hosting service is right for you ? How many types of web hosting are there?

What are the types of web hosting?

Web hosting can be of many types according to the needs of the user, the size and speed of the server and its technology vary according to the needs of each user. Cheap hosting is enough to run a small blogger or 4-5 permanent page website, then to run a big commercial website you have to take cloud hosting or dedicated server. We are writing the details of each type of web hosting below.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is new bloggers owners web hosting recommended for and small business , most of the world’s websites are running on shared servers. Shared hosting is not only cheap but it is very easy to run and load or update website. The reason for this is the control panel called cPanel, which is available for free with almost every shared hosting plan. For those who are new and don’t know how to run a hosting server, cPanel is a simple way to control their website.

In shared hosting, the service provider divides the space of its server among multiple users, so that multiple users can run their own websites on the same server. The sharing of resources makes this service available at a cheaper cost, as multiple users can run their websites on the same server at the same time.

2. Hosting Virtual Private Server

VPS is a virtual server, its full form is Virtual Private Server. Some users are assigned different resources on the same machine, which they use to run one or more of their websites. For example, you are provided with separate RAM, storage space and software scripts, which can only be used for your own site or blog. You can do this whenever you want to shutdown, restart or install some new software on your server.

VPS is especially recommended for users who have different types of websites that require a specific software or operating system. It is also slightly more expensive than shared hosting. If you want faster speed than shared hosting server then you can choose VPS.

3. Dedicated Hosting (Dedicated Hosting)

Dedicated hosting provides a complete server for your website, all resources available on it are for your use only. There is no interference from other customers, giving you enhanced speed to run your website. It is also very expensive compared to shared hosting but its performance is excellent. It takes a lot of work time to open your website and it is not a big deal even if many people come to your site at the same time.

If you want to build a high capacity website that gets thousands of visitors daily, then choose dedicated hosting. Otherwise you will have to bear the regular burden of paying a few thousand rupees monthly price. If you are looking to create a simple blog or website, then it is better that you start with shared hosting. For the amount you pay for dedicated hosting in 1 month, you will probably get shared hosting for the whole year.

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