What Are The 5 Best Hosting For A Large WordPress Website?

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A large WordPress website has different needs altogether. Large websites have a ton of traffic on them and are mission-critical. Thus, they need more uptime, faster loading speed, and the capability to handle massive traffic. All of this does not come cheap, but in the end, it is an investment. Do you know that site speed has long been a significant SEO signal for search engines like Google, etc.? So, here we are with an article on five Best Hosting for a large WordPress website.

Many types of hosting are available these days but managed WordPress hosting suits a big website’s needs the best. Let’s learn a little bit about the various types of website hosting options available. Just to make sure that you make an informed choice.

4 Major Types of web hosting services

#1: Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting means that your website resides on a host/server that stores other websites too. Thus, the resources like speed, RAM, etc. are also shared. Now, when other websites suck up more resources, your site can suffer.

Shared hosting is suitable for beginners who do not require many resources. But it is not the go-to solution for big websites.

The highlight of shared hosting is that it comes cheap, around $5 to $10.

#2: Cloud-Based Web Hosting

It is the next step ahead after shared hosting.

Cloud-based web hosting uses a grid of servers acting as one single body. So, if your website is growing and needs more space, the hosting company can easily accommodate you.

Otherwise, they may need to shut your site. That too, when you are getting the maximum traffic.

The pricing is usually, pay what you use kind of scenario.

#3: Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers are ‘like’ having a dedicated server without paying the hefty cost. Virtual servers, although sharing the same hardware, are independent of each other. Thus, if another site that is sharing your hardware does require more resources, your site will not get affected by it.

Given the advantage, it costs you too. The pricing is in the range of $50 to $200.

#4: Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is the ultimate solution if you have a huge WordPress site. It, as the name says, is a solution custom made for WordPress websites. In this, the hosting company provides you a team that upgrades and manages your site for you.

This hosting type is the best way to fasten loading speeds and keep your website secure and updated.

Since it is the best, it also has a good price attached to it. But, believe us, it is an investment. And the best decision you will ever make.

Let’s look into its advantages to get to know it better. After all, you must know what you will get in lieu of your investment.

Features of Managed WordPress Web Hosting Providers

Managed WordPress Hosting providers optimize your server precisely according to your site’s needs. They know how WordPress servers work and know what your site needs to thrive. They code, they upgrade, and do whatever it takes to keep your site working optimally.

#1: Good Uptime

With so many people surfing your site at any given time, you cannot afford your site going down. Or worse even, your site crashing due to high traffic. Thus, fortunately, we can totally trust managed WordPress Hosting providers. They have a set up for high-availability. They ensure that there no or significantly less downtime.

#2: High Security

These hosting providers provide you with best in class technologies like two-factor authentication, brute-force attack prevention, SSL Certificate, etc. They also manage the firewalls they have created for optimum security. These technologies keep you and your viewers’ data secure.

#3: Responsible Customer Support

Customer Support may not be a direct factor, but it is what makes the real difference. When in need, they are the ones that sort out the issue. Thus, responsible customer support goes a long way.

In shared hosting, you may not be able to debug something going wrong between your server and website. But managed hosting helps you cover that gap.

#4: Fast Performance

As we mentioned earlier, load time is a crucial SEO factor. And the managed hosting providers use the high-end latest technology to ensure the highest speed for you.

They provide server-level cache and CDN. Both of these can work wonders for your site.

#5: Site Migration

Site Migration is an issue, and especially when the site is enormous. Most hosting providers give free site migration.

#6: Backup

Backup is another major factor. Data is money these days. It will be terrible if you lose any of it due to whatever reason. Managed hosting providers provide automatic daily backups.

If something terrible happens and you lose your data, rest assured, you are covered. You can fall back to the last back up and save the day.

#7: Staging Areas

Staging areas are essential as they let you test the new changes without breaking your site.

These managed hosting providers offer many other cutting edge technologies to ace the hosting game. Let’s see which ones are the best.

5 Best Hosting For A Large WordPress Website

#1: Kinsta

Kinsta brings you the reliability and functionality of the Google Cloud Platform. However, it is a high-end solution that comes at a pricy tag of $100/month. This plan includes 5 WP site hosting that has in-built CDN.

First of all, it gives free backups every day. And site migration is also free.

The next very lucrative feature of Kinsta is that it lets you choose your data center location: US, Europe, or Asia. This feature helps the site load faster.

Also, the provider offers active and passive security measures. Like, it detects malicious requests, DDoS attacks, etc. It monitors your site and stops such attacks every minute and every second.

Kinsta is built on Nginx, PHP7,  & MariaDB. These ensure fast loading of your WordPress website.


  1. The functionality of Google Cloud Platform giving it great speed and security features


  1. A bit expensive

#2: WP Engine

WP Engine is again one of the best hosting for a large WordPress website. It offers excellent services but at a cost much less than Kinsta. WP Engine costs you $35 for the basic plan and gives you about 25k visits per month.

So, if you got visitors much less than 25k, WP Engine is the way to go. Otherwise, WP Engine charges you per visit, up to $1 per 1000 visits. So, it will cost you a bit.

Speaking of the facilities, WP Engine has its own caching tech called Evercache technology. It also offers a staging area. So, you do not take chances with your smoothly-running site.

WP Engine is a real watchdog when it comes to security. It offers protection from DDoS, XSS, SQLi, and other threats. It also gives away free SSL. Furthermore, it takes regular backups to keep your site safe and secure.

The hosting is PHP7 ready and provides free CDN to make sure your site loads fast.

Lastly, its support is always up and ready to help you. It offers 24/7 online support and phone support for higher plans.

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And after hearing all this, if you are thinking of migrating to WP Engine, it also offers free auto migration.


  1. Good for small websites with traffic less than 25k.
  2. It has its own caching technology.


  1. It does not have unlimited visits, and per visitor cost is high.
  2. Phone support only for higher plans.

#3: Liquid Web

Liquid Web is again one of the best hosting for a large WordPress Website, especially big enterprises. It is a high-end hosting solution. If you have massive traffic and multiple sites, choose Liquid Web blindly.

Liquid Web, like Kinsta, offers unlimited visits. Thus, it is nice if your sites are growing or if you have a lot of traffic. Other than that, it has excellent load balancing, which means that if traffic surges, your site won’t slow down. Again useful for scaling.

Regarding security, hats off! It offers all the required facilities: free SSL, daily backups, and tight security monitoring. And all these features are why so many big brands like Xerox, FedEx, ESPN, Fila, etc. trust their business with Liquid Web.

A unique feature of the Liquid Web is that you have much more control over your hosting from any other option. They offer development tools like Git and SSH, etc. Plus, you have an easily operated staging area.

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Lastly, the feature that sets it apart. It has excellent support that you can reach through chat, email, or phone 24/7.


  1. Great support and powerful hosting. Useful for enterprises with multiple sites.
  2. Offers control over hosting features. Suitable for tech-savvy teams.
  3. Unlimited pageviews.


  1. Little pricey.
  2. Plans offer many sites with the plan. Thus not suitable for small businesses.

#4: SiteGround

SiteGround is indeed one of the best hosting for a large WordPress website. It gives you the best value for money. Although the basic plan starts from $3.95, that may be too small as it offers only up to 10,000 visits per month.

The other two plans GrowBig and GoGeek, are great if you have a medium-sized blog. GrowBig has a smaller capacity of up to 25k visits, and GoGeek has up to 100,000 visits.

It offers all the security features, and speed is also good. But, the load balancing elements, although sturdy, are comparatively not that efficient. But still great value for money.

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GoGeek plan has development options too. So, if you want control over your hosting, go for the GoGeek plan.


  1. Very affordable and gives good value.
  2. It gives development options also with the GoGeek plan.


  1. Load Balancing options sturdy but relatively less efficient.

#5: Page.ly

Page.ly has three plans, and the lowest one starts at $499. With Page.ly, you do not need to think twice if you are ready to pay the price. It has got it all.

The hosting solution is undoubtedly a bit pricey, but you get the power of AWS with it. AWS is Amazon Web Services. It provides cloud services with exceptional speed and security.

Thus Page.ly is very secure and is sure to keep your data and site protected. And in the case of some misfortune, it has daily automated backups too.

Speaking of speed, they got a ton of technology with them. Tech like a global CDN, Route 53 latency reduced DNS, PHP7, dedicated Ip, HTTP/2Redy, built-in varnish caching, etc.

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Obviously, they are scalable too. Page.ly offers unlimited pageviews, similar to Kinsta, and owing to AWS’s technology; it has good load balancing also.

The story does not end here. Page.ly has developer options like SSH, Database, WP-CLI, GIT, etc. complete with a staging area.

These features suggest why big players like Visa, Comcast, Disney, eBay, etc. choose Page.ly as their hosting partner.


  1. Equipped with AWS technology for good speed and security
  2. Very scalable
  3. All developer options for control


  1. Very high price.


So, this was all about the five best hosting for a large WordPress website. We hope you found the article informative and can now zero down to the ideal hosting for you.

We have tried to include hosting for every type of need. For small budding businesses that do not have that much budget but need a managed hosting, SiteGround is the right option. On the other extreme is Page.ly, with the most elaborate pricing and functions.

WP Engine is also for a medium-sized blog of up to 25,000 visitors per month. At the same time, Kinsta and Liquid Web are for big blogs and business websites with medium budgets.

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